...understanding how to protect my business interests

How to draw tax efficient income from my business, how to use my pension fund to buy my business property, how to protect the business against the loss of key employees, how to make sure my family get my fair share of the business value in the event of my death.”

How we can help

Business owners key focus is on running their business, and time is often at a premium. As business owners ourselves we understand this.

Our role is to ensure your business survives if anything happens to the key owners, that profits are extracted efficiently and that personal funds are secured from the income, dividends and profits of the business.

We work closely with your business’s accountants and solicitors to ensure all invested parties have their interests protected, and that the owners can concentrate on running their business

Our other services

When can I retire?

“I need to understand how much I have in pensions, what income it will give me in retirement and how much more I need to invest. I need to know this in plain English, with no jargon and with realistic projections”.

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How can I protect my family in the event of death or illness?

“I need the reassurance that my family will be ok if I am not about or able to earn. I need to ensure they (are debt free and) have enough capital and income for their futures.”

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I want to ensure I pass on as much of my estate as possible....

“I know inheritance tax can often being mitigated and I would like to explore how to utilise the options available to me, to organise my estate and minimise the liability payable”.

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I want someone to help me organise.....

“I need to tidy up my investments, manage it more efficiently and ensure it meets my overall goals.”

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I need help to rebuild my financial independence and security…

“After a life changing event, I need to focus on establishing my new goals ensuring my capital is protected and that I can work with a trusted adviser.”

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Don't just take our word for it!

“Redbourne has built up a reputation within the West Midlands as the IFA to turn to for more complex client work”