“I need to understand how much I have in pensions, what income it will give me in retirement and how much more I need to invest. I need to know this in plain English, with no jargon and with realistic projections”.

How we can help with pension advice

Pensions now offer much more flexibility than they used to, and still offer good incentives to save for retirement. We can provide pension advice to help you build up a pot, maximise your existing pots and then utilise them when it suits you.

Most clients who require retirement planning advice fit in to one of the following categories:

The New Savers
Setting out on their pension journey, looking for low cost, efficient and flexible pensions to begin building their retirement funds. This may include maximising profit extraction from their companies, salary sacrifice arrangements and consolidating previous pension funds.

The Existing Investors
Having built their pension funds our clients are often looking to protect what they have, maximise their tax relief, utilise more sophisticated investment services or consider property purchase.

The Happily Retired
Retirement is nowadays often a gradual process, with a smoother journey to stopping work. This needs careful planning to ensure the maximum pension benefits are available, income is prioritised, taxation is controlled and the funds are passed on tax efficiently to the next generations

Get in touch for professional pension & retirement advice

If you need some help with planning for retirement or if you’re already retired and would like to maximise your income, we’ve offices in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and across the West Midlands so get in touch with one of our team to arrange an initial meeting.

Our other services

How can I protect my family in the event of death or illness

I need the reassurance that my family will be ok if I am not about or able to earn. I need to ensure they (are debt free and) have enough capital and income for their futures.”

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I want to ensure I pass on as much of my estate as possible...

“I know inheritance tax can often being mitigated and I would like to explore how to utilise the options available to me, to organise my estate and minimise the liability payable”.

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I want someone to help me organise...

“I need to tidy up my investments, manage it more efficiently and ensure it meets my overall goals.”

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As a business owner I need to know...

How to draw tax efficient income from my business, how to use my pension fund to buy my business property, how to protect the business against the loss of key employees, how to make sure my family get my fair share of the business value in the event of my death.”

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I need help to rebuild my financial independence and security

After a life changing event, I need to focus on establishing my new goals ensuring my capital is protected and that I can work with a trusted adviser.”

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