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Our commitment

We are a team of highly committed professional advisers who are passionate about how we help clients. Our experiences have given us an incredible insight into our clients goals in life, and we always aim to bring more to our client relationships than purely the financial benefits of planning.

Integrity and trust are at the heart of our business and we are proud, even as a privately owned business, to be recognised as one of the leading financial planners in the UK by our peers.


None of our clients circumstances are the same, therefore none of our suggested solutions are the same. They may well share common characteristics such as tax planning, investment management and inter-generational estate planning but we ensure all of our clients have their own individually designed plan.

Our planning process involves firstly establishing what you are trying to achieve, what are your objectives, what are your concerns and what you want from your relationship with Redbourne Wealth Management.

We will analyse your current position, comment on the appropriateness of your current plans, and highlight any shortfalls we identify. We will suggest ways to address these shortfalls, what actions need to be taken, the costs involved and what the ultimate benefit may be.

We then pull this together into a series of actions for you to consider and our Client Service Charter sets out how we will work together to implement this and our ongoing relationship.

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Investing successfully is about knowing what you want your investments to achieve, understanding your time frame for investing, being comfortable with your attitude to risk, and then making and reviewing your plan to achieve your goals and objectives.

At Redbourne Wealth Management we have a number of core investments beliefs:

  • We believe that a broad diversification of assets reduces your risk.
  • We believe that consistently outperforming the financial markets is extremely difficult to do.
  • We believe that market timing and performance chasing are losing strategies for investors.
  • We believe that investors should know how each investment fits into their plans and helps to achieve their goals.

Our award winning approach to investment management is:

Tailored Wealth

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We feel that one quote, from Henry Ford, sums up out approach to our ongoing relationships with clients …

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”

We have embraced this approach  since Redbourne Wealth Management was established, we only seek clients who wish to have a longer term relationship with us and who want to work with us to help achieve their goals.

We pride ourselves in the service we deliver and we can do so for 3 main reasons

  • We agree the ongoing service our clients want before they become clients
  • Our advisers work with a maximum of 100 clients meaning they have the time to deliver the agreed service
  • Our award winning IT system drives our whole business, meaning all Redbourne staff are focused on client relationships and delivering our service
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