This is what we call our ongoing review service. Our straightforward, meaningful, and transparent service designed to provide everything you need to achieve your financial goals.

Annual Reviews

Based around your tailored Estate Summary we present your updated financial position in relation to the lifestyle goals you have set.

We track your progress, present to you engaging cash modelling forecasts for your strategy, and discuss how to manage prevailing market conditions.

Available face-to-face in your home, at our offices, or over a video call at your convenience.

£ Age ISASale of SharesRentSalaryTax Free Lump SumPensionExpenditure
£ Age ISASale of SharesRentSalaryTax Free Lump SumPensionExpenditure

Wealth Platform

Our online portal gives you real time values for your investments, access to all your correspondence and product documents in a secure vault, functionality to assess your attitude to risk, all at the touch of a button.

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Investment Management

We provide access to actively managed Discretionary Fund Management and specialist portfolio services at institutional rates through the chosen platform that best suits the needs to run your portfolio.

Our award-winning investment philosophy has been established by academic research and is based upon 4 principles:

1. Your attitude to risk:
The cornerstone of our philosophy is to provide an adequate reward for the level of risk you are taking. Controlling the level of risk within your portfolio will provide downside protection, while the selection of alternative strategies will deliver the adequate level of return for your chosen level of risk.

2. Asset allocation:
This is the amount of each investment we allocate to different types of assets such as equities, gilts, corporate bonds, property, and cash deposits. The goal is to create an overall asset mix that will provide the optimal balance between expected risk and return over the long term.

3. Diversification:
This is spreading your investments across a broad mix of assets. The concept is often explained with the age-old saying, ‘don't put all your eggs in one basket’.
Diversifying your portfolio will help smooth out market volatility so, returns from better performing assets help to offset those that are not performing as well.

4. Cost & flexibility:
We will utilise cost-efficient tax wrappers, passing the resulting rebate and cost reductions on to you, and aim to make maximum use of your annual allowances. Part of your investments can be in liquid assets for quick access to your funds in emergencies.

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